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Xinjiang Yuli First Phase Photovoltaic Farms was Connected to Grid Successfully
Modified Time:2013-12-30

In December 25th, the Xinjiang Bazhou Yuli first phase 20MW photovoltaic farms of our institute was connected to grid successfully and has put into operation.

The electric field was started in October 12th. It is the third photovoltaic field that constructed by our institute and connected to grid. The Haiwei (Xinjiang) new energy limeted company has realized the grid connected power generation in only two months, overcoming the short construction period and winter construction difficulties. According to the latest adjustment of national subsidies to PV energy, the electric grid can win over 27 million yuan in the operation period.

The success of the electric grid is not only created new energy construction miracle of our institute, but also obtained a highly appreciation from the local government and the industry, marking a certain competitiveness and influence in the field of photovoltaic power generation.