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A Number of Scientific and Technological Projects of Our Institute Won the Province Approval
Modified Time:2013-12-26

Recently, five scientific and technological projects, including the inspection and monitoring engineering technology research center for transportation of highway in Zhengzhou, 500KW photovoltaic DC lightning protection distribution cabinet, mine rescue environment detection system and city rail traffic simulation training system, have won the approval of Zhengzhou. At present, the project was pushed forward and has signed the project target responsibility contract and gone through the financial appropriation formalities.

In addition, the technological transformation project of photovoltaic supporting products has won the support of Henan civil-military integration technologyt transformation funds, while the 500KW photovoltaic grid connected inverter has won the support of Zhengzhou major science and technology projects.

The success of declaration and development of those projects has speeded up the progress of industrial technology, playing an important role in further improving the ability of key technology research of our industry, industrialization of major scientific and technological achievements.