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The Wind Power Field of Our Institute has Generated Power over a Hundred Million Kwh
Modified Time:2013-07-18

Reports of victory of the Xinjiang new energy industry project came in qucik succession. On July 13th, Dabancheng first phase wind power field has achieved a smooth operation of 248 days, cumulatively generating more than a hundred million Kwh, marking a comprehensive ability of wind farm construction and operation management. On the same day, two 20MWP photovoltaic field (Ruoqiang first phase and Bohu first phase) of our institute have been connected to the grid. Based on the power station construction, our institute successfully realized self supporting for the supporting photovoltaic products, including 500kW PV grid inverter, PV junction box, DC distribution cabinets, photovoltaic brackets, preliminarily discussing the issues of improving system assembly supporting ability through the project investment, mastering the key technology of photovoltaic power station system integration. Therefore, it has laid a solid foundation for transferring from the provider to system integrator of the photovoltaic equipments.

At present, we are planning to accelerate the new energy and industrial layout, promoting the wind power / photovoltaic power generation project construction schedule in Xinjiang. We are striving to complete a wind farm and a photovoltaic field and put it into operation before the end of the year, realizing the transition from supplier to system operator.